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17 Inch Computer Monitor Reviews


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A 17 inch computer monitor offers a halfway decent viewing area.  The common phrase "the bigger the better!" is almost always true for computer monitors and the 17 inch starts with that concept.  The 17 inch computer monitor reviews are written to help you make a more informed decision.  As the computer progresses through technology, it is the same for its peripherals. Computers with 64 MB RAM are no match against computers with 4 GB RAM, nor a processor with 2000 transistors can compare to another with 2 million transistors.

The 17 inch computer monitor not only provides a large display device for a computer, but it also provides multifunctional roles that push for practical usage and computing innovation. Having a bigger 17" display allows the monitor to be seen at far distances while retaining perfect image projection. For example, a person wants to watch cooking shows in the kitchen. With the 17 inch computer monitor’s optimal display size, it can be placed as far away from the stove and yet, the show can be viewed clearly without moving away from the stove. Before, hospitals used small CRT monitors to monitor vital signs; nurses would have to be close enough to the CRT monitor to get the readings. With the 17-inch computer monitor, it enables the patient's vital signs to be clearly seen, informing or alarming nurses even though they are far away. In this way, they can perform immediate action if the need arises, in case the vital signs are not normal. Multimedia enthusiasts use three or more monitors of this size to better view the movie they are editing. One monitor may be showing a still frame magnified twice the normal size so detailed editing may be done. On the second monitor, audio and video tracks are laid out and aligned for non-linear editing. On the third monitor, the final output of the video is previewed. Gamers also prefer 17-inch LCD monitors to enable their games to, clearly and realistically, project its immense graphic environment, allowing for a more intimate gaming experience.


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Not only does a 17 inch computer monitor provide innovations for practical use, but it also revolutionizes the way we have been using computers. Normally, only one program can be maximized on the whole screen. Now, because of its large screen area, it can display a document processor with other programs opened without overlapping each other, thus preventing window cycling. You can have your web browser open in full extent and, at the same time, have a file manager open beside it without minimizing the other. This feature brings back the true idea of a desktop that has multiple active programs you can immediately view or use without closing or minimizing the others. In addition, a graphic artist who uses this kind of monitor will be able to view the image in a larger scale, allowing the artist to edit it in a more detailed manner.   

The large screen area of a 17 inch computer monitor means it can have higher resolutions than most CRT or smaller LCD monitors. Higher resolutions provide finer, crispier, and more detailed images. An ordinary image may look different when viewed on a simple monitor and on a 17 inch computer monitor. The pleasant projection of this monitor size makes it a viable piece of hardware for anyone who uses a computer for whatever purpose.