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We hope you enjoy our Sony Computer Monitor reviews and ratings thereof.  Ever wanted to know why a Sony Computer Monitor has some of the best quality around? Masaru Ibuka, one of Sony Corporation’s founders, wrote this ideology: “Always do what never has been done before.” Sony Corporation is one of the world’s largest leading manufacturers of consumer electronic products. Remaining true to its principle, Sony is known for its production of state-of-the-art monitors.  From CRT Trinitron, Flat Display Wega to their Multi-use Flat-Panel Plasma monitor, Sony keeps on making high quality models that other companies try to imitate or rebrand.

Whether it be a CRT Trinitron or Flat Display Wega Sony Computer Monitor, both enjoyed their reign during the CRT era. Nowadays, most consumers prefer to buy LCD Sony Computer Monitors with a flatscreen display because of their many advantages: better resolution, light in weight, compact, elegant, space-saver, power-efficient, reduced maintenance demands, long operational life, and environment-friendly. All these qualities are present in Sony’s LCD monitors. In addition, they have added more features, which make their computer monitors consumer-oriented and user-friendly. Today’s top-of-the line LCD computer monitors from Sony are the LUMA LCD and the Bravia monitors; both can be connected to the computer as a main or a secondary monitor.


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In the field of professional video authoring, Sony’s LUMA LCD computer monitor is much favored. These monitors are equipped with new technological advancements like the X-Algorithm Digital Signal Processing, ChromaTRU, and 8-bit drivers, thus making the monitors popular to many companies that provide post-production editing or create CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) to movies. These features can accurately display the signal video input without any loss in quality and deliver the output video in the desired color and standards, making it very easy to evaluate and change any aspects of the video. Compared to an ordinary LCD monitor, the LUMA LCD has a faster refresh rate; the video stream can play “flashback” or “forward” very quickly. LUMA LCD monitors come in different sizes, ranging from 8-inches to 32-inches, depending on its function. It is suitable for mobile and outdoor use. Broadcast studios and OB vehicles also prefer to use this kind of monitor.


Sony's Bravia computer monitors are the top-of-the-line, all-in-one entertainment and information hub today. Bravia (Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture) contains exceptional features, which can perform more than just a regular TV set. It has a digitally remastered menu system called the XMB (Xross Media Bar), which allows better system navigation and displaying the Bravia’s features. Included in the navigation menu is the ability to enable the Bravia's built-in Wi-Fi device, allowing instant online connection and media viewing. Sony’s MotionFlow technology allows faster refresh rate, excellent image redrawing, and smoother graphics movement. With the release of the Bravia NX800 series, it has revolutionized its ability to display sharp, vivid and realistic images. In line with all the technological advancements, the Bravia has power-saving features like LightSensor technology that allows monitoring ambient light and matching the screen's brightness. Other convenient features include image slideshow, internet browsing, and using it as a primary PC monitor while watching TV at the same time, via the HDMI connection. The Bravia is a computer in itself that merges computing and home entertainment, pushing beyond its borders.