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The HP Computer Monitor (which is short for Hewlett-Packard) is abig company brand that specializes in making electronic equipment (such as: computers, printers, calculators, frequency counters etc.) for information technology use.  Our goal is to write about HP Computer Monitor Reviews.  The Hewlett-Packard brand is now capitalizing its manufacturing arm in developing top-of-the-line computer monitors. HP has produced HD-enabled LCD monitors, which deliver exceptional graphics display, clear video playback, and spacious screen area for games and applications. Having screen sizes ranging from 18.5-inches to 27-inches, with resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080, these LCD monitors can provide a large desktop area that enables multiple programs running side by side. Aside from unique technical specifications, the HP Computer Monitor has distinguished itself from its competitors by creating LCD monitors with elegant designs and sleek finish that complements the home or office environment. HP categorizes its monitors into essential, advantage, performance, digital signage, and touchscreen.   

Many HP computer monitor models (e.g. HP Compaq LE1711 17-inch LCD Monitor, HP LE1851w 18.5-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor) provide the vital function of a visual display, with clear and crisp views in both traditional and widescreen formats. Most of the monitors in this platform are affordable and energy efficient, thereby cutting expenses for big companies that require a large computer-based operation.  

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Advantage HP Computer Monitors display (e.g. HP Compaq LA1751g 17-inch LCD, HP Compaq LA1905wg 19-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor) offer a slight upgrade from essential monitors. These monitors have larger screen sizes and adjustable viewing angles, which are made possible by a pivoting neck base and tilting screen. They also have DVI and USB connectivity to extend the monitor’s peripherals. These types of monitors are used for business operations that require computer use for an extended period. 

Performance class HP computer monitors (e.g. HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional Display) are a whole, different concept in graphic display technology. These monitors have all the features of the essential and advantage monitors. They have excellent response rate, and they display a large spectrum of colors. Graphics andvideo companies benefit from the realistic and life-like color output of these monitors, providing them a professional tool in delivering exceptional quality media. Included in the performance monitors are different video inputs for different models ranging from Analog/DVI to S-Video and HDMI, allowing users to connect different components to maximize the functionality of these monitors. 

The digital signage monitors (e.g. LD4200tm) provide companies with large screen displays, ranging from 42-inches to 47-inches. These monitors are suitable for presentations, video conferencing, and window store displays. Equipped with full HD capability, digital signage monitors can produce stunning images and video display, either in bright or dimmed environments, making them useful in most places where images or videos can be viewed even from afar. In addition, digital signage monitors have infrared technology that allows multi-touch interactivity, further extending its functionality in a normal business setting.  

Touchscreenmonitors (e.g. HP L5006tm Touchscreen Monitor) are HP’s latest advanced technology. Hotels, restaurants, healthcare institutions, and stores prefer to use this type of monitor for quick and onscreen interactivity. Because of the durable screen, companies can deploy these touchscreen monitors to any possible function such as interactive cashier system, vital signs monitor, or digital time-keeping device without the need of buying computer keyboards or mice. This advantage reduces costs. It improves business functions because any user can interact with the screen in a fast and efficient way.  

HP computer monitors are regarded as part of a large cluster of high-end display devices in the market today. They already made their mark by deviating itself from others in terms of design, functionality and innovation.